Wednesday, 22 October 2014

spread the good word, my darlings

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Celina in Paris

Celina in Paris
l'aventure d'un an .:. the one year adventure
  • La Vie est Chanmé

    Today’s late post is brought to you by the new street art in my ‘hood, reading “La Vie Est Chamné,” Life is Rad, on the wall of a soon-t0-be hipster burger joint. September ended with some of the loveliest weather we’ve seen since last spring. I took advantage of the sunshine to [...]

  • Au Revior Gavin, Bonjour Autumn

    The biggest thing that happened immediately upon my return to Paris: a disastrous hair wash. The first time I washed my hair since my salon visit (don’t do the math on that… just, don’t…) I was horribly disappointed with the resulting grey/green/blue/blonde hues that were very not-lavender. I sulked, then (with the dedication of [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: Adult Friendships are Hard

    I can’t tell if my phone is broken, or if multiple people are exhibiting disappointing behavior. I’m hoping for the former, assuming the latter, and knowing I only have 74 days left to enjoy their company so I better get over it either way. I think it’s the PMS talking…

  • Pip Pip Cheerio: A Very London Birthday

    Two big reasons to go to London this past week: first, my visa was expiring and I had to leave to re-enter as a tourist (I wasn’t 100% sure this would work, but thankfully I’m now in Paris so I guess it’s all OK) and second, it was my birthday and I wanted to [...]

  • The End of 26

    Since September started, I’ve only been thinking about a few things: 1) my tutoring; 2) my Paris To-Do list; 3) and my BIRTHDAY!

    So here’s the deal with my tutoring stuff. I’m preparing to take the C1 level DALF exam, which is basically asking someone to have like, SAT-level language and use really [...]

  • No More Teachers, No More Books

    Last weekend, my Korean classmate invited me and another student over for dinner chez elle. After one semester of too much socializing and another semester of full-on social isolation, it was time to see people out of the classroom again. I’ve been collecting post-its in my notebook of anecdotes to share with you about [...]

  • The Last #100JoursJoyeux

    Today, August 26, marks the moment my countdown to departing hits 100 days. That’s right folks, in just 100 days I will be leaving Paris, leaving my little paradise, my escape from reality… On December 5* I board a plane and go back to SFO and press “play” on what had been my paused [...]

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Sunday, 27 January 2013 14:07

Welcome, good to have you here. Would you like a drink? I can't get you anything, because obviously you're on a website and that's just silly, but I thought I'd ask because it's polite.

First off, you should check out Celina in Paris, my new project detailing the adventures of my preparations for and soon-to-be life in France.

Peak around. Below are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. To my right, my Twitter. Obvi, there's some overlap because I'm a 20-something who pushes some of the same content to multiple social media outlets (some would call that multi-tasking... some are also just lazy).

I'm awesome, and since you're here, you must be, too. Nice to awesome meet you.

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  • One Pinner says: I'v

    One Pinner says: I've never been an all natural kinda girl, but these 8 changes to natural cleaning products for the house just transformed my house~~This is definitely a must have list!

  • A little pink, a lit

    A little pink, a little smokey.


    CELIA NKALA, VERTEBRA: stackable candle-holder; enameled porcelain.