Thursday, 29 January 2015

spread the good word, my darlings

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Celina in Paris

Celina in Paris
l'aventure d'un an .:. the one year adventure
  • The Final French Days

    I write to you live from LAX where my connecting flight to SFO is delayed 2.5 hours. I’m tired, I stink, and I’m no longer in France which is really weird. That being said, these last few weeks have been amazing and this is what I did…

    Last week, Tuesday the 25th perhaps, I [...]

  • The Beginning of the End

    I have been a busy beaver (or castor) the last couple weeks, trying to get in as much Paris as possible before leaving on the 5th. Thanks to my to-do list I’ve had some direction, but let me tell you – time passes trop vite!!!

    On the first Friday of the month, I visited [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: Naked Services

    Also, I leave in about two and a half weeks. CRAZY. Still poor, need to spend a couple hundred dollars to get luggage and pay for said luggage, so feel free to help me get my stuff home by clicking here.

  • Riviera Dreaming

    Before heading off to the French Riviera on Friday, there were normal things that happened in Paris: tried to redye my hair (but now it’s blue again, DAMNIT!), had a home-made crêpe by a Bretonne (girl from the region in France from which crêpes originate), chowed down on some bimbimbap (not an important [...]

  • Chateau Life

    It was really just a matter of time – everyone in Paris seems to be sick, and it was my turn a couple weeks ago. I tried to sweat and sleep it out, got some pho at Asian Soupe in Belleville, and went through a box of tissues before meeting my tutor on [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: La Procrastinatrice

    I’ve always had a knack for procrastinating, but it’s insane how good I’ve gotten in the last couple months. This whole no-class-private-tutor thing is NOT helpful for my natural ability to put off work. Things I have done: posed with a giant pumpkin, clean the apartment, paint my nails, rewrite and reorganize my hand-written [...]

  • La Vie est Chanmé

    Today’s late post is brought to you by the new street art in my ‘hood, reading “La Vie Est Chamné,” Life is Rad, on the wall of a soon-t0-be hipster burger joint. September ended with some of the loveliest weather we’ve seen since last spring. I took advantage of the sunshine to [...]

Welcome to PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 January 2013 14:07

Welcome, good to have you here. Would you like a drink? I can't get you anything, because obviously you're on a website and that's just silly, but I thought I'd ask because it's polite.

First off, you should check out Celina in Paris, my new project detailing the adventures of my preparations for and soon-to-be life in France.

Peak around. Below are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. To my right, my Twitter. Obvi, there's some overlap because I'm a 20-something who pushes some of the same content to multiple social media outlets (some would call that multi-tasking... some are also just lazy).

I'm awesome, and since you're here, you must be, too. Nice to awesome meet you.

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awesomeness to the umpteenth degree
  • 2800 Year old Kiss f

    2800 Year old Kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran ‘The Lovers’ from 1972 season at Hasanlu Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. Theses skeletons were found in a Bin with no objects. The only feature is a stone slab under the head of the skeleton on the left hand side (SK335). Penn Museum Image #97482.

  • Give your chargers a

    Give your chargers a unique look with these fun decals.

  • The Grand Budapest H

    The Grand Budapest Hotel - Loved this!! Both quirky and visually stunning! Didn't think they made them like this anymore, but glad they do!