Friday, 29 August 2014

spread the good word, my darlings

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Celina in Paris

Celina in Paris
l'aventure d'un an .:. the one year adventure
  • The Last #100JoursJoyeux

    Today, August 26, marks the moment my countdown to departing hits 100 days. That’s right folks, in just 100 days I will be leaving Paris, leaving my little paradise, my escape from reality… On December 5* I board a plane and go back to SFO and press “play” on what had been my paused [...]

  • Financial Ruin in 11 Months

    This is an honest money post. I should start by saying I have none: I’m living entirely off credit (the American way) and since arriving here in Paris, I have watched my credit score drop from 776 (excellent) down to 688 [...]

  • Uruguayan in Paris

    Technically my 3rd Uruguayan guest, but since she actually lives there I figured it was appropriate to point this out. Luciana and I met almost 10 years ago in Montevideo, and in July she traveled over to London to take some business English courses (and, obviously, had to come see me in Paris!). The [...]

  • All is Quiet in Paris

    In the way migratory animals follow Mother Nature’s signals and depart all at once, so do Parisians leave the city to enjoy multiple weeks of vacation elsewhere with cleaner air and nicer people. August is quiet, calm, and closed in this city. Since Natalie and Phil left, I’ve been enjoying this peace and quiet to [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: Blonde du Quartier

    When a hairdresser experience doesn’t turn out quite how you imagined…

    Also when the hell did I start saying “like” so much?? My apologies to the grammarians.


  • Cherries the Hostess Cake

    After nearly three months of back-to-back hosting, I can honestly say there are two things I will never get sick of here in Paris: first, sharing the Eiffel Tower with loved ones, I’ll obsess over that iron lady forever and always; second, watching guests eat something delicious and get super excited about it. [...]

  • Parisian Confessions: Skin to Skin Contact

    Today on the metro, I sat myself in a small fold-down seat (remember the funny name: strapontin) between the wall and a young man of considerable musculature with a nondescript face. I didn’t think twice about him until I felt my arm brush up against his. Since breaking up with The Boy it’s been practically [...]

Welcome to PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 January 2013 14:07

Welcome, good to have you here. Would you like a drink? I can't get you anything, because obviously you're on a website and that's just silly, but I thought I'd ask because it's polite.

First off, you should check out Celina in Paris, my new project detailing the adventures of my preparations for and soon-to-be life in France.

Peak around. Below are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. To my right, my Twitter. Obvi, there's some overlap because I'm a 20-something who pushes some of the same content to multiple social media outlets (some would call that multi-tasking... some are also just lazy).

I'm awesome, and since you're here, you must be, too. Nice to awesome meet you.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:12
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awesomeness to the umpteenth degree
  • #100joursjoyeux #day4 and my last day of school… Got a...

    #100joursjoyeux #day4 and my last day of school…

    Got a #Starbucks #latte to #treatyoself and gave that bad boy a little #skull #doodle PLUS they spelled my name right #FTW.

    Great way to say bye to my #french #literature #textbook

    #100happydays @starbucks (at Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne)

  • #100joursjoyeux #day3: cheap, yummy #French #cheese makes me...

    #100joursjoyeux #day3: cheap, yummy #French #cheese makes me unbelievably happy. All that unpasteurized French milk, being delicious…
    #100happydays #paris #supermarket (at Supermarché Casino Paris)

  • #100joursjoyeux #day2… Used the last bit of #traderjoes...

    #100joursjoyeux #day2… Used the last bit of #traderjoes #almondbutter to make #toast with #tea. I treated that like a jar of gold- can’t find any that’s affordable in France. I appreciate it’s service, it’s delicious service. Countdown to buying another jar: 99 days. #100happydays (at Paris 20eme)



  • As of today I only h

    As of today I only have 100 days left in Paris, and I'm jumping on the 100happydays bandwagon with my own hashtag: #100joursjoyeux Today's happiness is brought to you by sunshine... With all the rain we haven't seen much of it here in a while. I caught my first peek getting out of the metro station at Menilmontant.

  • Like dropping colori

    Like dropping coloring into a glass of water...